Beer vs Coffee: The Battle Begins

So most of us (if not all) have had a crazy with either one of these brown bubbly entities. Whether it's the morning fuel rush to the kitchen for your daily refilling on old Folders, or partying it out with a couple of buds at the superbowl downing some chilled 'weisers (Offtopic; this season was freaking awesome by the way, click here if you haven't seen it).

Mmmm Delicious
Sport a fancy cup of joe

In any rate, I ask of you, what do you believe is better? Coffee or Beer? What gives you a stronger urge? What tastes better?

Ah yes typical 1930's ads. Demeaning women once again.
Amen brother!

Well if you've haven't decided, in my next post I'll go into detail in everything you never knew, about both of these wonderful beverages.

Credits goes to the owners of these videos on youtube and pictures from photobucket. I have no credit from them and have not made any of em.

Beer vs Coffee Part 1 - Beer is Better


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