Beer vs Coffee: Part 1 - Why Beer is better.

I believe is about time I begin the competition of Beer vs Coffee. But I must say first that I do apologize for the late posts. Scrounging for a decent wifi spot on the fly is hard work. Hopefully this week I'll be able to make it up! And on that note, without any further or do - 5 facts on why Beer is better!

See both sides of the story, for part 2, click here.

from growabrain.com

Disclaimer: Some junk-talking and bias-ness may commence.

Fact Number 1: Beer's been here longer.

Ganzouri laughs at the truth.

Fact Number 2: Beer's more popular.

  • Let's take a look at the extremes of this fact, I mean that's the point of this blog anyway right? So according to today, a glance over at wikipedia states that the two countries that drink the most coffee and beer per capita are Finland and the Czech Republic respectively. According to the data, the average person from Czech who drinks beer would drink a hefty 158.6 liters, versus a measly 10.1 liters to our boys in Finland. For our mathematically challenged, that's about a 148.6 liter difference! Ah, I guess that's why budweiser makes more than your local starbucks eh?
Gift from the Czechs

Face it, everyone likes beer better, look at these charts on the distribution of them!  Taken from Wikipedia.
I think we can agree that everyone across the globe gets wasted.

The sparce-ness of coffee is outrageous! Apparently all of China hates coffee as well.

Fact Number 3: Beer's lasts longer.

  • Now after looking at both of these, I was pretty impressed. Both of these beverages last quite a bit of time untouched, whether it's in the confines of an old shelf or up-top the roof of that rusty pickup in a trailer park, they can withstand the test of time. 
"Bode Ghost Town" - DiVattea 2007
Coffee lasts pretty long, with an average lifespan of 3-5 months unsealed, but for beer, you'd be surprised that it doesn't age. That's right folks. Beer has, and always will outlive coffee because it simply does not get old, especially your hard wine and liquor. It will however start to go "off", and taste kind of like some stale urine after a while, but hey, it will still be safe to drink! Unlike coffee which will make you nauseous after it's expiration date was reached.

Fact Number 4: Beer makes you feel better.

  • Looking up some statistics on "why people drink beer or coffee", I wasn't surprised that beer gives you more "emotional benefits" when trying to feel good on a stressful evening, and it always leaves you wanting more - there's a reason why it's addicting folks (I mean, have you ever gotten a ticket for drinking coffee while driving? Don't make me laugh).
"Looks like we got ourselves a Caffeine junkie..."
According to The Esquire Survey of Drinking, question number 7 asks: In which situation are you most likely to drink at home? Of the 5,000+ people surveyed, over 44% said that they'd drink "When I'm entertaining." According to Coffee Facts and Statistics, a United States Statistic claims that most men and women who drink coffee do it to "relieve stress", and "for the taste". For the taste? To relieve stress? What?! If anyone's hasn't noticed, I believe it's fair for me to say right now that people who drink coffee are simply more stuck up then our buds to down a Heineken during a night out at the bar. I mean just take this chick's blog for example on her adventures with starbucks. It's simple. Coffee drinkers only care about is themselves and their ambitions. 

And if it doesn't seem like it, it's definitely in the back of everyone's minds saying "something's not right about you", kind of like having a white guy in the middle of the africa (awesome beer drinker by the way). People who drink beer are more social, chill, and welcomed by society. Which is why we're moving on to our last fact which is this.

Fact Number 5: Beer's healthier for you.

So now I ask you... Which is really better? Beer or Coffee? Take your time to decide. In the meantime, stay tuned for Part 2 - Why Coffee is better, so we can truly see which beverage comes out on top.


  • It's lunchtime   February 20, 2012 at 3:35 PM

    Might argue about the beer being healthier. I am hoping that you will look at some of the drawbacks (i.e. too much coffee and driving is less danger than beer, coffee is easier to DIY, and beer snobs can be just as bad as coffee snobs).

    I liked this post and the previous one. I'll reserve judgement until I read your coffee post. But I am leaning towards liking coffee porter or beer monsooned coffee beer...

  • TheXtremist   February 20, 2012 at 4:11 PM

    @ lunchtime - Great points there and thanks for the feedback! Indeed the drawbacks on beer (specifically the health issues) will be discussed in Part 2. Stay tuned...

  • Polly Sy   February 20, 2012 at 9:52 PM

    Although beer lasts longer, I am more productive at work on coffee for obvious reasons. :)

  • TheXtremist   March 3, 2012 at 10:26 AM

    I agree Polly, I'm sure all of us have experienced a more "wild side" when under the influence of beer :D

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