Before we Begin Part 2 - 20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer [Infographic]

Hey fellow blog readers! Little nippy out there isn't it? Hope you guys keep warm out there. It's as cold as the beast out here!

Also aside from the awesome continuing series of Beer vs Coffee Part 1, I couldn't help but notice all of the awesome infographics that are out there. I mean really, these things are awesome. How they come up with displaying information is mind boggling. So I thought, "hmm, why not look for some beer infographics?" So I went out of that site, googled up beer infographicsFound one at this site here and immediately thought:

Anyway. Here it is! Without further or do, 20 things you never knew about Beer! They also are selling posters, so if you're want one please do! I will also scrounge up a Coffee infographic for you coffee lovers once we get into part 2, so don't worry - haven't forgotten about ya! All posters are sold to The Oatmeal, I get nothing out of it.

The End


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