Coke vs Pepsi: The Cola Competition Continues

Part 2 has been posted! The Battle rages on! Coke vs Pepsi: Who Really Is The Best?

Hello viewers, I'm pretty pepped up about this particular one. Mostly because I've just finished drinking both of these drinks during my little brunch, but also because I'm excited to reveal to you one of the most extreme drinks that most (if not all) of us are familiar with to this day. And those drinks are Pepsi and Coca-Cola! And now for some brief stats of our competitors:

Coca-Cola Logo (2012)

Date Of Creation: 1886 (126 years old as of now)
Birthplace: Atlanta, GA - U.S.A
Invented by: John Pemberton
Initial Purpose: Patent Medicine
Revised Purpose: Soft Drink

Pepsi logo (2012)

Date Of Creation: 1898 (114 years old as of now)
Birthplace: North Carolina - U.S.A
Invented by: Caleb Bradham
Initial Purpose: Consumer Beverage (As Brad's Drink)
Revised Purpose: Soft Drink

I also started to notice that the "biasness" of one versus the other may seem a little... Oh I dunno, bias. Therefore I will make this and future competitions fall under a series of different judgements. That way we can see exactly where one is stronger than the other and vise versa.

Both of these drinks will be judged on the following 5 stats:

  1. Taste Quality and Likability
  2. Gross Income per year
  3. Brand Impact
  4. Beverage Longevity + Lifespan
  5. Final Judgement - Crowd Choice
For number 5, I ask you guys what you think the two carbonated drinks should be judged upon. The most popular statistic that gets voted will be included in the blog - How exciting! So here I ask you, who do you think will win? The Crisp and Cool Coca-Cola or the Peppy and Primed Pepsi? You decide by posting in the comments below!

The Battle rages on! Coke vs Pepsi: Who Really Is The Best?


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