Your College Degree vs The Unemployment Rate: Is Your Degree Really Paying Off?

A little more than a month ago, a new report was made by the Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce. Through their findings, it is discovered that the job that you choose will effect how close you are to major unemployment. These rates also vary widely depending on the major. So the real question is...

Well according to an article from The Washington Post, individuals who have the hardest time getting hired at a company had degrees in:
  1. Architecture (with 13.9% unemployment)
  2. The Arts (with 11.1% unemployment)
  3. The Humanities (with 9.4% unemployment)
Those interested in architecture are at the greatest risk.

On the contrary, those who had the lowest rate of unemployment had degrees in:

  1. Health (with 5.4% unemployment)
  2. Education (with 5.4% unemployment)
  3. Agriculture and Natural Resources (with 7% unemployment)

Non-surprisingly, doctors and educators have little to worry about.

A little surprising fact is that business majors also do pretty well, with an unemployment average of only 7.4% with an exception being those interested in hospitality management (9.1%) thanks to the decline in tourism.

So what about you? Does this information make you want to switch careers? Or are you more inclined  to brush it off and focus more on your passion, rather than the payroll?


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