Pilgrim vs The World: State of Education [INFOGRAPHIC]

And eh no, if you clicked here thinking that we're talking about Good Ol' Scott Pilgrim then I've totally mislead you. Granted though, his movie was pretty good I've heard. Never watched it myself though, maybe someday.

Scott Pilgrim

Anyway we're talking about American Pilgrim's of Education! Scratching their way to a no mans land in their journey for the holy place. And that holy place is a chance to be one of the top dogs not in military, but on the SAT.

For my American buddies, here is a pretty interesting yet visually appealing infographic about just where things are headed for your shool days down the road. It's based on just a year ago so it's pretty recent. Isn't it so cool to see how the U.S. stacks up in the good and bad? (or for this site, I'd say stats up. Ahem moving on) and if anything, this baby was hand drawn by the guys over at onlineeducation.net. Warning: You may be shocked if the U.S. holds dear to you.

Well what do you think about these numbers? Do they make sense to you? Or should we expect even worse GPA's from our western land?


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