New Features for Extreme Statistics: Translation and Social Media Buttons Overload!

Good Saturday, fellow folks at Extreme Statistics! If you have been here recently you may have noticed a little warning strip upon the top of the page, looking something like this.

This was just a little warning message telling you that there may be some alterations to some pages while you browse the site. Unlike most sites, I'll keep the site running while maintenance is going on, to make sure that you are still able to access the information. 

In end rate, I'm now happy to announce to you some new features!

If you look on each post (like at the bottom of this one) you'll notice some share links. This will help you (and me) spread the word to others as to what goes on at Extreme Statistics! Also I've added a translation widget for my fellows who don't speak native English. Wahoo! Look at the top right of the site to find it. You can't miss it!

Who knew Extreme statistics would look so good in Russian?
Well that's all for now, stay tuned for more Extreme Posts for pitting everything against everything!


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